Deadlier than bears and spiders

Deadlier than bears and spiders

“Killer wasps”
“The biggest wasp in the world threatens to invade Spain”

These are some of the famous headlines of 2020 when it was made known that the Asian wasp may invade Spain.

And so it was: the Asian wasp came to Spain and many other countries. It soon spread throughout the Peninsula and El Priorat was no exception.

This wasp can measure up to 5cm in length (four times as long as a common wasp) and up to 7.5cm with its wings extended!

It is known that just a few bites can be lethal for us humans!

One of the biggest problems, however, is how this wasp affects our biodiversity. It’s a massive predator of bees: it can destroy entire hives.

In the face of these attacks it is necessary to take measures, since our biodiversity, especially of the vineyard, is affected by this species.

A value that I defend and promote as a winegrower is sustainable development that is respectful of the environment. I try to do everything I can to take care of it and encourage an increase in biodiversity. I have a passion for nature, and my goal is to take care of it.

The disappearance of our bees could start a spiral of problems that would harm the sustainable development of our environment…

That is why together with my friend José A. Latorre, a biodiversity specialist, we are looking for a way to eradicate these wasps.

In the photos you can see the traps that we installed in the vineyard to be able to put an end to this pest and take care of our fauna and flora.

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