Debunking some wine myths

📌“Red wine is for meat and white wine is for fish.” 👎 False

There are too many types of fish and meat to be able to generalize in this way and there are many factors to consider for a successful pairing, such as intensity of flavor, cooking style, sauces, spiciness. Take other factors into consideration – like acidity, age, oak – rather than just the colour of the wine, please!

Here are my thoughts! If you are going to eat something delicate – burrata, fresh mozzarella, omelet, steamed white fish or chicken – try with a light, delicate wine: a sauvignon blanc or a rosé or even a light red like pinot noirs or smooth garnacha wines will do the perfect matching.

On the other hand, if you are going to eat pork belly, meat burger, steak tartare or something with a more powerful flavor, it may pair better with a full-bodied wine, such as a rich grenache or a syrah.

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