Más Amor

Mas Amor meaning More love has always been a special name for us with deep meanings.

As a natural evolution, Mas Amor is not just a wine but also part of a greater project to care of people in needs. Since last year 4% of our selling price goes to a foundation for children to fight against leukemia and other oncological disorders.

The Leuco’s by Ingrid, is a foundation started by Ingrid a 13 years old girl who was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 years ago and luckily fully recovered today. To add strength to the Project and our rosé Mas Amor we have renamed our Herbis Verdejo, Mas Amor verdejo. This organic white is a great compliment to this growing range.

We are proud to launch this year Mas Amor Verdejo in line with our commitment to participate in the health of our social community and producing sustainable wines.

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