Olive Oil

The Arbequina olives used for the elaboration of this oil come from fields near vineyards in the wine region of the DO Monsant in Catalonia, where the olive trees have historically shared habitat with the vineyards since the beginning.

Harvested as the locals did in the area at the beginning of the century, by hand, and with the care and know-how, we transformed our dream of making a small production that began just 10 years ago into a reality thanks to the help provided by the local community.

What began as an oil to quench the thirst of friends, family and myself, has flourished over time, becoming an exciting project and great collective work.
Golden green, the flavour is similar to a combination of vegetable notes, especially artichokes, tomato leaves and fennel.

The palate is soft, suggesting hazelnut flavours with a strong touch of bitterness. The Arbequina variety is not considered the most aromatic olive variety, but it stands out and provides a rather delicate style with soft notes of walnut or hazelnuts.

It is worth considering that our extra virgin olive oil is recognized for its medical properties such as:

– Anti-inflammatory benefits due to higher levels of polyphenols

– Decreased risk of heart disease due to its level of vitamin E and beta-carotene