Franck Massard

Company Director

Franck Massard is the founder and owner of Epicure Wines (distribution company). His commitment to the world of wine led him to create this company to share with the world his passion for great Spanish wines. Today, its wines are present in more than 25 countries.

Franck was elected best sommelier in the United Kingdom in 1996. He obtained the WSET Diploma in 1998 and the Master Sommelier Advanced Diploma in 1999. In 1993 he worked with Gerard Basset (MS, MW, OBE and best sommelier in the world 2010) and from this moment they maintained a great friendship.

Carlos Sancho

Export Manager

Coming from Asturias, Carlos moved to the United Kingdom in 2010 to study business management and improve his language skills. Later, his passion for wine and hospitality made him pursue the dream of being a  head sommelier in one of the best capitals in the world for that purpose, London.

After years working in the best restaurants and hotels in London as a sommelier, learning from the best MS and MW of the moment, in 2017, and after coinciding with Franck in a wine tasting, both reached an agreement to work together from Spain and give another twist to the world of wine through small projects, hard work and Know how.

Mercedes Morales


Passionate and wine lover, she is the person in charge of everything arriving at its destination in perfect conditions.