Catalunya is a wine-growing territory with an ancient tradition, with more than 2,000 years of documented history in winemaking. The Roman Empire expanded the cultivation of the vine along the entire Mediterranean coast already in the second century BC.


My wine project in Galicia was born from the union of forces with two good winemakers, specialists and wine lovers. Their passion for Galicia and the potential of the region moved them to live in that land of wines so spectacular and thus be able to take care of the raw material personally and directly. I joined his vision of the region and the wine to be able to develop and elaborate together wines with soul, flavor and a dash of boldness.

Central Plateau

Spain smells like wine. And it is that vineyards are grown in all of its 17 Autonomous Communities. Its location, climatic differences and the variety of soils, make the Iberian Peninsula a privileged place for the production of very different wines.

Natural wines

Wines without added sulphites, grown in a way that respects the environment, unique and committed to its environment … We talk about a creation philosophy from beginning to end, with results that surprise the most skeptical.

Organic Wines

I consider myself a strong advocate of the concept of sustainability. Organic wines are much more than a trend: they are a rising alternative; and, beyond their commitment to sustainability, they rise as benchmarks of quality wherever you look