DOQ Priorat

Talking about the landscape of a place is always a difficult task, given the complexity of factors involved and the varying viewpoints therein.

However, the one thing the Priorat has is its uniqueness.

DO Montsant

The DO Montsant is a land where the landscape and the wine have gone hand in hand throughout the centuries and where even the old vines, cared for as authentic treasures, have History with capital letters. A Story that, with renewed drive and enthusiasm, walks towards the future.

DO Terra Alta

The production and processing area of DO Terra Alta (DOTA) is in the southern part of Catalonia between the River Ebro and the border with Aragon. It takes in the 12 towns in the county of la Terra Alta.

DO Cava

The origin of Cava is associated to the splendour of Catalan viticulture by mid 19th century. The studies of microbiology carried out by Louis Pasteur applied to wine, involved a control of the second fermentation in the bottle and the discovery of cork allowed to avoid the losing of bubbles produced in the wine. The Champenoise or traditional method was born this way.

DO Catalunya

2500 hours of sunshine, 14 degrees of annual average temperature, 350 mm / year of annual rainfall in the driest areas, 600mm of annual rainfall in the wettest areas, 36 authorized grape varieties …