Wines made by Sommeliers

Today we happily share with you the thoughts of Matteo Montone (World Best Young Sommelier 2019) in reference to wines Made by Sommeliers where he mentioned El Mago Red as a unique gem recently discovered. Spain, long recognised as one of the three cornerstones of European wine production has not received the same acclaim as […]

“Terroir” Poboleda Vineyard – Flora (DOQ Priorat)

For several days now, spring seems to have arrived, the birds burst into endless melodious songs, the lizards dare to leave their dens as the temperature rises, while butterflies and bees are seen among the flowers looking for those with the most succulent nectar. Indeed, nature has exploded in a magnificent variety of colours and […]

“Terroir” Poboleda Estate- Geology (DOQ Priorat)

As one admires the biodiversity of our organic vineyard (Fig. 1), one can only stop to observe the unique characteristics of the geology where the vines are developed. Indeed, you appreciate that the outcrops are basically made up of slates of different composition and structure. According to the cartographer that we consulted, they belong to […]

Pairing: Spinach and feta cheese puff pastry with Audacia

hojaldre espinacas y queso de cabra

We are sure that our Valdeorras wine, Audacia, is so good and fresh that pairs perfectly with any food. But we have tasted it with spinach, feta cheese and pine nut puff pastries and we have just had a blast. We highly recommend this pairing!