Did you know?

There are 139 official wine designations in Spain, including almost 70 DOs and two DOCas. The two DOCas are Rioja and Priorat.

Ways to open a bottle of wine

Have you forgotten your bottle opener when you most needed it? Don’t panic! Quick disclaimer: Most of these methods aren’t 100 percent foolproof! 1 – USE A SCREW2 – PUSH THE CORK IN WITH THE HANDLE OF A WOODEN SPOON, OR ANY BLUNT OBJECT SIMILAR IN SIZE3 – HOOK ‘EM WITH A HANGER4 – PUMP IT OUT5 […]

Debunking some wine myths

“Red wine is for meat and white wine is for fish.” False There are too many types of fish and meat to be able to generalize in this way and there are many factors to consider for a successful pairing, such as intensity of flavor, cooking style, sauces, spiciness. Take other factors into consideration – […]